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Ready-Made Wigs are Here!

Hey KNX Beauty Mayvenns!

I am so excited to present our Ready-Made Wig Collection, the latest addition to the KNX Hair by Mayvenn hair extension line. Our collection of Wigs are your go-to for an easy way to switch up your style in between extension installs. Depending on your mood, you can go from long to short, curly to straight, or from blue to black and back, all in a matter of weeks. Great for protective styling to give your hair a rest. Our wigs are made from 100% Virgin Human Hair and can be customized to fit your unique look. They feature natural density throughout and can be parted from ear-to-ear with our lace frontal construction, or worn up in a ponytail with our 360 lace frontal construction.

Once you receive your Ready-Made Wig from 'KNX HAIR by Mayvenn', you may still want to make it uniquely...YOU! Book an appointment at KNX SALON for your wig customization services. Custom Wigs Services Available:

  • Bleaching Knots

  • Hairline Customization (Plucking)

  • Coloring & Highlighting

  • Hair Cutting

  • Braiding (the Braid Down)

  • Co-wash/Conditioning Services

  • Hair Styling (curling, straightening, etc.)

Ok, so here are the specs:

  • Density: 130%

  • Length x Width of Lace:

  • 360 Wigs: 4" in the front, 2" on the sides, 2.5" in the back.

  • Lace Front Wig: 4" in the front, 1" in the back

  • Hand or Machine Crafted: Both, the lace is handcrafted, and the center is machine-crafted.

  • Clips / Adjustable Straps: 3 built-in clips at crown, with an adjustable strap on either side.

  • Cap Size: 23", and stretches to accommodate up to 25.5"

Plus, Free shipping. Free 30-day returns, our customer satisfaction guarantee.

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