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Moving Update: Coming April 2019

Hey KNX Beauties,

Great News! We're finally making some headway on the move to our boutique salon. We are so excited that our move is almost here!!

We've been put on hold for several months due to the common problems that most construction sites encounter... city permitting delays. Ugh! But now, the framing has gone up and we are looking at a mid-February Grand Opening.

In the meantime, we've been playing with some salon design ideas, please see below some of our design inspirations. Not sure if I want round mirrors or traditional rectangular mirrors. But both look absolutely beautiful! We hope our clients enjoy it as well.

Some other features we're thinking about having is a hair extension product display and mini reception area, etc. We'll see if we have room for everything without overcrowding. Our goal is to keep a sleek but simple design. Stay tuned as we get closer to the move-in date.

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