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14" - Touching shoulder

16" - Just above bra strap

20" - Below bra strap

18" - On bra strap

24" - Waistline

22" - Above waistline



What is 100% virgin Remy human hair? 


  • Virgin- Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically processed to obtain texture or curl pattern. Our KNX Hair by Mayvenn is 100% Human Virgin Hair.

  • Remy- Remy Hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in the same direction creates more natural look and flow to the hair. KNX Hair by Mayvenn hair is Remy!



KNX Hair by Mayvenn sells both silk and lace closures. Which closure you decide to use is up to your preference. What’s the difference?

Lace Closure- Hair is knotted on to thin layer of lace mesh material. Thin lace layer makes for a closure that lays flatter to the scalp. Lace closures are less expensive than silk. Our closures are available in 14” and 18”.

Silk Closure- Hair is knotted on to thin layer of lace mesh material, an extra layer of silk material is sewn underneath lace to give a more natural “scalp” appearance.


KNX Hair by Mayvenn sells both Full Lace Frontals and the newest addition ... the 360 Frontal. Which frontal should you choose?  Here's the difference.

360 Frontal Guide

From your hairline to nape, we’ve got you covered with our revolutionary 360 Lace Frontal.


This one-of-a-kind frontal piece features freestyle parting, baby hairs, and low-density edges for a naturally flawless look.


Measuring 4” in both the front and sides, and 2.5” in the back, our 360 Lace Frontal allows plenty of space for all your customization needs.


Throw it in a high bun, rock a pair of french braids, or don a ponytail - the 360 Lace Frontal provides the flexibility for all-around hairstyles that look great from all sides.

Free shipping. Free 30-day returns. Made with 100% virgin human hair you can trust.

Full Frontals

Our 13" x 4" lace frontals mimic a natural hairline and offer versatile parting options as well as small hairline hairs that can be tweezed to achieve your desired look.

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