Styling Your Hair Extensions

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Ok, so now you have your fabulous hair extensions … now you need to know how to care for them at home. First things first, we strongly recommend that you keep your follow-up appointment to ensure you're comfortable with your extension install and to make sure all at-home care instructions are being followed. We want you to absolutely love your hair and maintenance is key!!

Here are some of our recommendations:


To keep extensions healthy, proper maintenance is a must. For the best experience, we recommend following our expert advice.


  1. Always have extensions colored, applied & removed by a professional hairdresser.

  2. Sleep with hair braided.

  3. Brush your hair extensions daily, starting at the ends and gently work your way up.

  4. Avoid excessive heat, particularly near the extension bond, it can cause the bonds to loosen and shed.

  5. Use high-quality ceramic styling tools on medium to low heat.


  1. Brush hair before shampooing to remove tangles. Lightly spray with leave-in conditioner is recommended.

  2. DO NOT apply excessive water all at once, hair can swell causing it to tangle; gradually wet the hair starting at the ends.

  3. Apply shampoo to wet hair from root to ends. Comb fingers through hair in a downward motion; using fingertips to massage the scalp & rinse

  4. Divide hair into two-halves (left/right) for a deeper clean on bottom layers.

  5. Apply conditioner, avoiding any extension bond. Comb fingers in downward motion through hair & rinse


  1. Wait 2 days before washing any extensions applied with an adhesive (i.e., skin weft, tape in, or keratin tip) are applied.

  2. Wash about twice a week.

  3. Use shampoo/conditioner designed exclusively for hair extensions.

  4. Avoid using hair sprays or other styling products containing alcohol or heavy oils to prevent product buildup. We suggest using light shine or mist.


  1. NEVER leave extensions in longer than recommended by a salon professional, we recommend wearing your extensions for 2-3 months for optimal results and to reduce the amount of stress on your natural hair

  2. NEVER go to bed with wet, unbraided hair.

  3. When swimming, NEVER expose extensions to chlorine or salt water they may become tangled, dull, dry or discolored. If you can’t avoid swimming, you should:

  • use a swim cap, braid hair or wear your extensions up in a ponytail when swimming and/or exercising.

  • immediately shampoo with clarifying shampoo and hydrating conditioner

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